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Learning for everyone - where ever you are, whenever you want

We offer a range of different courses.  Please see below

Foundation Courses
The Foundation Courses have been specifically developed to give the student a foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to work with a range of people who can or are experiencing mental distress, to enable them to move forward with their recovery.  Each course stands alone, although also interrelates, allowing the student to build on their learning.  Each Foundation Course has the same framework, which have been designed to build on the students learning and put their learning into practice. 

To find out more about the Foundation Courses - CLICK HERE

Short Courses
The Short Courses will provide students the opportunity to build on specific topics they have learnt in a Foundation Course.

Long Courses
The Long Courses provide students to build their skills, confidence and expertise in a certain area. 

To find our more about Long Courses are available - CLICK HERE
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We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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