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Understanding Recovery, Theory into Practice image

Understanding Recovery, Theory into Practice

This course introduces the concept of recovery and examines how we can turn theory into practice.

Download full Course Description - CLICK HERE

There are some Scholarship Places for people from developing countries to access this course.  Please email Karen Taylor for more details -

N.B. - You can access this course without being a member of the Recovery College - although we would recommend if you want to get full benefit of the course that you are a member.  To find out more about Recovery College membership - CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, queries or require more information about any aspect of this course - please do not hesitate to contact Jim Campbell, Recovery College Manager -

Download full Course Description - CLICK HERE

Providing a fun and interactive learning environment students will be introduced to the context of recovery by exploring it's historical development.  By investigating the theory around recovery and developing a personal awareness of what recovery is and its elements, participants will then compare the maintenance model with the recovery process.  Taking this learning forward students will then examine how to take this into their own practice, develop a way forward on taking their learning forward into their own lives and practice.  For anyone wanting begin to develop recovery orientated practices and services, this course is a must.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Consider what is meant by the term ‘recovery’.
  • Explore the importance of stories within recovery.
  • Consider what is meant by the term recovery in order to begin understanding how recovery practices can be developed.
  • Examine, in depth, the Maintenance Model and its impact on people using services, people working in services and yourself.
  • Develop an understanding of the Recovery Process and consider how this understanding can be turned into practice.
  • Begin to explore how your learning from the course can used in your own life.
  • Examine the challenges of embedding recovery into services and our lives and begin the process of developing a plan to take your learning forward. 
Outline of the Course

Module 1 – Putting Recovery into Context
Module 2 – Understanding Recovery
Module 3 – Understanding the Maintenance Model
Module 4 – The Recovery Process
Module 5 – Turning Theory into Practice
Module 6 – Taking your Learning Forward

This course and all our Foundation Courses were accredited in 2015.  What this means, is that this course was examined by an External Accreditation Provider ( and was improved to reach a high standard.

When you fully completed the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate, stating the specific learning hours.  As you progress through the course, you will be guided through a process to ensure that you are able to fully complete the course and receive a Certificate.

This certificate can be used in your professional and personal portfolios.
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