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Student Enrolment (Individual Membership)

Student Enrolment Form
Welcome to Working to Recovery Online Open Recovery College.  To enrol with the Recovery College, you first need you to complete the form below.
Information you provide, will be kept confidential for our records and to ensure you get the best use from the Recovery College.  Please see our 'Data Protection' policy for full details - by CLICKING HERE
You will also be subscribed to our regular Recovery College newsletter which will provide you with updates and news of the Recovery College.  If you do not want to be subscribed to the Newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of the Newsletter.

Once we receive your Student Enrolment Form - Jim Campbell (Recovery College Manager) will sent you a personal email/letter welcoming you to the Recovery College, providing you with all the details you need to login.  We aim to send this to you within 48 hours of receiving this enrolment form.

Once you have submitted this form.  If it is successfully sent, you will see a message below this text, thanking you for completing the form.  You will also receive an email (within 1 hour) confirming that the form has submitted successfully.

Please complete your personal details below:

First Name: 

Surname Name:


Email Address:


City/Town you live at: 


Protection of my Data:

"I have read the Working to Recovey Data Protection Policy (CLICK HERE) and give consent to the use of my data in line with the Policy.

PLEASE type 'AGREE' in the box below - to signify you have read and agree with the above statement.     


How did you hear about the Recovery College?


Do you see yourself as having a Disability that may affect you from using the Recovery College?


If you answered YES to the above question, please provide us details on how we ensure you can access the Recovery College fully.  We will contact you directly about this.


Please complete the courses you wish to initially undertake.

If you have purchased courses, please enter these here.  If you do not want to undertake any courses, at present, please leave this blank.  Although, we encourage it, you do not need to have Recovery College Membership to access our courses.  Please enter as many or as few courses - up to a maximum of 4.  You will be provided access to each course, one at at time, in the order you provide them (below).  Once you have successfully completed a course, you will have access to the next course.

If you are unsure which courses to take, please see Recovery College Prospectus 2016-2017 for a full list of courses.  If you are interested in doing our Foundation Courses, we have a 'Which Course Should I Take' pre-course questionnaire, to help you choose the best course for your needs in relation to your background, experience and interests (Please click on the PURPLE titles about to access these).

Course 1 


Course 2 


Course 3 


Course 4 


Individual Learning Plan

In order to ensure you get full learning from the Recovery College, please think about what you want to get from being part of the Recovery College and complete some 'Personal Goals', in the box below.  If you are unsure what to write here, please contact Jim Campbell (Recovery College Manager) for some help -