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Organisation or Group Membership Enrolment

Welcome to Working to Recovery Online Open Recovery College.  To ensure the correct details of your Organisation / Group Membership are met, please complete the form below. 
Please note: If you have not agreed and signed a Memorandum of Agreement between your Organisation/Group and Working to Recovery.  Please do not complete this form, instead email Recovery College Manager, Jim Campbell -
Once we receive this completed form, the following process was proceed: 
  1. Once the form is received, you will receive a personal email from Jim Campbell, Recovery College Manager, discussing your needs.
  2. Each student within your Organisation, who wishes to enrol will need to complete an online enrolment form.  This is available here (CLICK HERE).
  3. In addition, we have a Pre-course Questionnaire to allow students to choose which Foundation Courses would be best for them to complete in relation to their leaning needs.  This is online form is available here (CLICK HERE).  Students can also see what the Recovery College has to offer from our Prospectus.  You can download this by CLICKING HERE.
  4. There are two ways students can be enrolled:
  • You can send students these enrolment details and they can enrol direct.

  • You can provide Jim Campbell (Recovery College Manager) with the name and email addresses of the students to be enrolled and Jim can email them with enrolment details.

Once your membership is activated, at regular times you will receive a progress report on how the students within your Organisation/Group are progressing.  This report will provide people’s specific names, what courses they have accessed, completed and when they last logged in.  We have found that Organisations/Groups find this information useful to help students remain focused.
We hope you enjoy your membership at the Working to Recovery Online Open Recovery College.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Jim Campbell, Recovery College Manager.
Please email this form back to Jim Campbell, Recovery College Manager:


Organisation / Group Enrolment form


Once you have submitted this form.  If it is successfully sent, you will see a message below this text, thanking you for completing the form.  You will also receive an email (within 1 hour) confirming that the form has submitted successfully.

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