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We currently have one Shorter Course available.  See details below:

Preparing for Recovery
It is very common that consumers/service users, families and organisations lack a preparation and readiness to begin recovery.  This includes accepting, delivering and practicing recovery focused ways of working and being.  This course has been based on the experiences of Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor in their work in establishing recovery houses in Scotland, Italy and Western Australia, in order to prepare consumers/service users, families and organisations to prepare for recovery.
Based on their longer ‘Three-Month Program’ course, this shorter course strips back the underlying recovery concepts, enabling students to understand the theory behind the techniques, gain the ability and confidence to use these techniques and learn how develop new ways of working. 
The course is structured round three seminars, by Ron and Karen, guiding the student to a place where they can prepare for recovery. The three seminars are, ‘Preparing for Recovery’, ‘You are not the Problem’ and ‘The Illness Trap’.

If you require to purchase this course please contact the Recovery College Manager, Jim Campbell -

To download the full course description - CLICK HERE

To download a 2016 report put together from Student Evaluations - CLICK HERE