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Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp

The first Working to Recovery Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp was held in June 2015 in Dumfries, Scotland.  The second was in June 2016 in Ivybridge, Devon, England.  The third was in September 2017 in Llanslin, Oswestry (Welsh/English Border).  


Who Can Attend?

The camp is open to anyone regardless of whether they are a worker, family member, friend or person with lived experience of mental health issues or using services.  People will learn from each other and there will be workshops relevant to all people attending.

So what happens when you arrive?

People arriving will be greeted by Working to Recovery staff and volunteers who will act as elders for the camp and support those people who come alone or need extra support, particularly in the evenings.

What about Accommodation?

There are a variety of different accommodation types depending on what suits you.  There are bunkhouses, camping (you will need to bring your own tent), camper vans (you will need to bring your own camper vans), pods, bell tents and limited places in a local cottage or hotel a few miles from the site.

If you want to find your own accommodation or you live nearby, we offer a non-residential place and day-passes.

What happens at a Recovery Camp?

The purpose is to create an environment of recovery and for everyone to experience it for themselves!  Each year the Recovery Camp, grows organically, both leading up to it and during the Camp.  During the Recovery Camp there are talks, debates, workshops, alternative therapy and a whole host of other things that happen. 

The morning begins with Chi Gong, Meditation and other practices.  This is followed by a Morning Meeting when we all check-in.  This is followed by workshops.  Workshops can be run by anyone attending and so range from a whole host of areas. 

After lunch, we have a 'Big Tent Discussion' - which is led by an invited speaker, who talks on a topic, opening up to a debate and discussion.  Following this there are more workshops. 

Throughout the day, there are taster sessions of alternative therapy (for donation) and a range of other things that organically grow throughout the camp - like EFT, Zen Tarot Readings, Energy Healing, etc...

The evening is a time to have fun, play and relax.  Bands play, there is a music Open Mic Night and the last night there is a Mad Pride night, where anyone can stand-up and do a piece - poetry, story telling, singing, magic, comedy, whatever people can bring.

How much does it cost?

We have set the price to attend Recovery Camp as low as possible, to ensure everyone can attend.  The price varies each year, but is around £100-£130 if you are choosing accommodation on the site and £300-£400 if you choose accommodation in the cottage/hotel.  This is NOT a daily rate, but for the WHOLE Camp.  The cost includes your accommodation and all talks, debates, workshops and evening entertainment.  The only thing that is not included is your food/drink (and of course your travel to get there).  The price is the same if you are waged or unwaged person.  For what you get at Recovery Camp, we think it is very reasonable price.  If you choose to have an alternative therapy, you will need to give a donation for this.

What if I am finding things hard at Recovery Camp?

We have a group of Elders who you can talk things through with and provide you the support you need.  Elders are both male and female.  There are designated Elders for specific areas of accommodation (e.g. Female Elder for Female Bunkhouse, Male Elder for Male Bunkhouse, etc...).  Although, you don't necessarily have to go to these specific people if you don't want to.  We encourage people to seek support from Elders or others they have connected with at Recovery Camp.  You don't have to attend everything at the Recovery camp, so if you are finding things hard you can take some time out, go for a walk, have a sleep, etc...  We suggest people to take part in as much as possible to get the fullest experience of the Recovery Camp, but we also encourage people to look after themselves in whatever way that is for them.  Of course, if you are finding things too hard, you can also choose to leave early and we will support you to do this and provide you transport to get to the nearest public transport.

Can I run a workshop at Recovery Camp?

Yes.  All workshops are run by people at Recovery Camp, so if you have an idea for a workshop, please let us know.  Workshops are predominately about have dialogue and discussion on a specific topic, so if you want to try out a workshop idea or have a fully formed workshop.  You can run it a Recovery Camp.  Once you have booked your place, please get in touch with us

I have a new idea to bring to Recovery Camp

The Recovery Camp, is YOUR Camp.  So if you have a new idea that you think would work well at Recovery Camp, please do let us know.  We want the Recovery Camp to grow.

Can I offer Alternative Therapy at Recovery Camp?

Yes.  If you are trained and practice in a specific Alternative Therapy - like massage, sound healing, energy healing, reiki, reflexology, or any area.  You can come along and offer it.  We ask practitioners to offer taster sessions, lasting approximately 30 minutes, for a donation.  There is a designated quiet area within the Recovery Camp for Alternative Therapies to take place.  If you are interested, please get in touch.


Can I have a stall at Recovery Camp?

Yes.  If you want to sell things at Recovery Camp, like books, soap, incense, jewellery, whatever you have, then you can sell it at a stall.  We charge for people to have a stall, so please get in touch and we can provide prices.

Can I Drink Alcohol at Recovery Camp?

The daytime is to work - learn and explore recovery for ouselves, the evening is to have fun.  We ask that people do not drink alcohol in the daytime.  Anyone found drinking alcohol during the day will be asked to leave.  But people can drink alcohol moderately in the evening.  Alcohol is not provided, so you have to bring your own.


What about Food?

Catering is provided at the Recovery Camp (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) - however, this is at an extra cost, but a reasonable cost.  We also have a Camp Cafe, which provides hot and cold drinks, crisps, chocolate, etc...There are also cooking facilities at the Recovery Camp, so you can cook your own food.

I am worried about getting to Recovery Camp

The Recovery Camp is situated away from a town, to allow everyone to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.  However, we choose a venue that is close to public transport.  In the weeks leading up to the Recovery Camp, we will send out travel directions, including local taxi numbers.  If you are concerned about travel, please do contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

I don't want my photo taking at Recovery Camp

If you don't want your photo taking at Recovery Camp, this is fine.  We will announce this during the Recovery Camp and ask if anyone doesn't want their photo take.  Please just let someone know.  Your consent on photos being taken is important.  If you are uncomfortable with your photo being taken, please also let the person taking the photo know.  Recovery Camp is about creating a respectful space for everyone.

How can I support the Recovery Camp?

There are different ways you can support the Recovery Camp.  You can spread the word about Recovery Camp and encourage your friends and colleagues to come along.  You can like our Facebook Page - CLICK HERE.

If you are an Organisation and would like to support the Recovery Camp financially, please get in touch.  If you are an individual and want to support the Recovery Camp financially, we have a GoFundMe account - CLICK HERE


I want to set up a Recovery Camp in my area/country

If you like the idea of a Recovery Camp or you have been to one and have experienced it for yourself, you maybe thinking you would like to set up a Recovery Camp for yourself.  We are happy to support you to do this, so please get in touch and we can discuss this further.

Who to contact about Recovery Camp?

For any other questions or further enquiries about the information provided above please contact

Jim Campbell -




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