Hearing Voices

Understanding and working with people who experience voice hearing

We offer a range of training in relation to understanding the hearing voices' experience and working with people who hear voices, including in-house training.  Our courses are facilitated by Ron Coleman, Karen Taylor and associates.

The team at 'Working to Recovery Ltd' are committed to delivering quality training. For more information see below and download our training programmes.

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Hearing voices is one of the most common experiences that people diagnosed with a psychotic illness have and research has shown that many people continue to hear voices even after prolonged use of medication. This has meant that many voice hearers do not get relief from their experiences. The consequences of this is that many people live lives that are low in quality and high in distress. Many professionals are left frustrated when medication does not deliver the desired results. 

Working with Voices (1 Day)
A one day course to introduce participants in understanding hearing voices, learn about coping strategies, working with belief systems.  Participants will gain the confidence and awareness in working with voices, being equiped with a toolkit for the future.

Working with Voices (2 Days)
A two day course enabling particpants to gain confidence and understanding in hearing voices, coping strategies, working with belief systems and an introduced to voice profiling.  Participants will be equipped with confidence and a toolkit for the future.
Advanced Facilitator: Working with Voices (1 Day)
A one day course to follow-up the Working with Voices (1 Day) course.  Participants will develop effective ways of working with voice hearers using short, medium and long term strategies, enabling voice hearers to take control of their experiences and get on with their life.  Participants will also be introduced to the Maastricht Interview Schedule.
Key Worker & Voice Hearers: Working with Voices (2 Days)
A two day course for key workers and voice hearers to learn and work together.  This course not only provides indepth teaching in understanding hearing voices and coping strategies, but also develop the confidence, relationship and skills to work together in voice profiling, using the voices workbook and advocating this approach.  The course will include a hearing voices group and a key-worker mentor group.  Each couple will be able to develop at their own pace.

Working and Talking with Voices (4 Days)
A four day course for mental health professionals and voice hearers.  This innovative course looks both at the theory and practice of working and talking to voices.  Using the techniques developed by pioneers Ron Coleman and Professor Marius Romme, then further developed by Dr. Rufus May, Dr. Eleanor Longden and Dr. Dirk Corstens.  Dynamic, practical and interactive - this course will enable practitioners and voice hearers to understand the theory behind working with and talking to voices - and the ability and confidence to use new ways of working with, in their own practice.
Living with Voices (1 Day)
A one day course for family members and friends, introducing the hearing voices approach, an empowering way to assist people who hear voices to live successfully with the experience.  The course will enable family members and friends to assist people who hear voices to cope better with their experiences and on their journey to recovery.
Working with Voices Individually and in Groups (1 Day)
A one day course in understanding and working with people who hear voices both individually and in groups.  Participants will gain confidence, understanding and awareness in working effectively with voice hearers, their belief systems and using the voices workbook.  Participants will gain understanding and confidence in running a hearing voices group.
The Voice Inside: An introduction to the Hearing Voices Approach (1 Day)
A one day introductory course about people who hear voices and the hearing voices movement.  This course provides an introduction to a different way of thinking about the meaning of "hearing voices" - it is based on twenty years of work by voice hearers, mental health workers and researchers from around the world - including the pioneering work of the psychiatrists Marius Romme and Sandra Escher.

Setting Up & Supporting a Hearing Voices Group (1 Day)
This one day course enables participants to learn about how to set up and support a hearing voices group.  A hearing voices group is a safe place to talk about voices, which can be the first step to recovery:
"...at my first hearing voices group a fellow voice hearer asked me if I heard voices.  When I replied that I did, she told me that they were real.  This does not sound like much but that one sentence has been a compass for me - showing me the direction I needed to travel and underpinning my belief in the recovery process." (Ron Coleman
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