Testimonials and Evaluations

Hearing Voices Workshop - Vermont, April 2014
"Thank you once again for a fabulous workshop. I thought you might want to see the outcome of the evaluation forms. As you can see, the response was overwhelmingly positive" (Sandra Steingard, Medical Director)

Evaluation Results - CLICK HERE

Working with Voices

Evaluation - CLICK HERE

Training Facilitators: Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor

Date: 11 April 2013

Venue: Vancouver
Working and Talking With Voices
Evaluation from Voice Hearers and Workers - CLICK HERE

Training Facilitators: Dirk Corstens, Eleanor Longden & Ron Coleman

Date: 1 to 4 October 2012

Venue: Hebden Bridge, UK

"Thank you - life changing." (Voice Hearer)

"I would say from beginning to end was wonderful." (Worker)

"The whole experience has been an eye opener and I hope to use the techniques on my own voices."

"Open and honest atmosphere. The feeling of equality between everyone was good, there was no pressure to have answers. It really helped me understand the similarities between hearing voices and different aspects of my personality." (Worker)

"Meeting and sharing similar and diverse experiences with others (voice hearers and non-voice hearers). The expert training and experience of the facilitators. Learning the process of accepting voice hearing experience and learning to open up to the communication and understanding of what we hear." (Voice Hearer)

"Being shown what was expected, the techniques, and being able to observe experienced facilitators at work. Working with a voice hearer and learning from them and their experiences, developing trust and mutually exploring a new concept." (Worker)

"Controversial ideas, such as challenging the construct of 'schizophrenia' were done non-defensively and in common sense and clinically-informed way. It's good to work with professionals with such respect of people."

"A beneficial course that will empower me to practice in a new way and make a difference to someone's life in a positive way. Surprised that it isn't rocket science and dismay that we haven't been working in this way for the last 100 years." (Worker)

Centre for Recovery & Social Inclusion Conference

Evaluations of Courses, Training Sessions, Conferences & In-House Training - CLICK HERE

Conference Presenter: Ron Coleman

Date: 6 June 2012

Venue: Cork, Ireland

"I found the conference to be just excellent!" (Louise Mahony)

"Very enjoyable day - Ron Coleman is amazing!"

"Congratulations on the excellent conf - to all involved" (Dr. Ann Payne)

"Ron Coleman - Excellent"

"Ron Coleman was inspirational"

"Thank you for yesterday...It was probably the most worthwhile event of its type that I have attended"

(David McCarthy, Rehabilitative Training Instructor, National Learning Network)
Hertfordshire International Recovery Conference 2012

Conference Keynote & Workshops: Karen Taylor

Date: 10 October 2012

Venue: Stevenage, UK

"Thank you so much for presenting at our Recovery Conference this week in Hertfordshire. Your presentation and workshops were engaging and challenging and gave delegates a lot to think about. As you are aware this is my last year organising the conference and I was keen to make sure that it was a high quality event that left the Trust with new challenges.

Your contribution was central to our ability to achieve this goal. The feedback we have received so far suggests that delegates found the day extremely stimulating and invigorating".

(Anne Marwick, Director of Recovery)

Hearing Voices Training

Trainer: Ron Coleman

Date: May 2011

Venue: Generation Trust, New Zealand

"I want you to know how well received the Ron Coleman workshop on ‘Hearing Voices’ was. Two people specifically thanked me and management for approving this workshop to go ahead. I want to add my thanks to these".

(Marilyn Pinkney, Learning & Development Manager)

"10/10 I've never seen this before".

Two (separate) Participants)

Findings from Evaluations (5 = Excellent; 1 = Poor) 45 people = 5 3 people = 4 5 people = 10
Leading & Managing Recovery Based Mental Health Services

Trainers: Karen Taylor & Cat Schofield

Date: 25-27 August, 2010

Venue: Launceston, North Tasmania

"My service is in the midst of massive change. My service is in need of recovery. I will use the principles to lead that change".


Leading & Managing Recovery Based Mental Health Services

Trainers: Karen Taylor & Cat Schofield

Date: 18-20 August, 2010

Venue: Hobart, Tasmania

"Just to thank you for the opportunity to have you present to our service, having the opportunity to commence the process of healing and growth".


Creating Recovery Champions

Trainers: Ron Coleman & Ellen Cross

Date: 3-7 May 2010

Venue: Hobart, Tasmania

"I never thought I'd say it but may be even more consumers involved. Their individual roads to recovery are so amazing and inspirational. I feel a lot more united with my work colleagues also, thank you."


Creating Recovery Champions

Trainers: Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor

Date: 9-23 April 2010

Venue: Launceston, Australia

Training delivered for: ACMH team/Northside Clinic/OPMH/Richmond Fellowship/Anglicare/Consumers

"It has not just impacted my life or changed it, it has inspired me to now share everything - there is no word stronger than thank you, but I am left feeling that thank you is not strong enough."


Creating Recovery Champions

Trainers: Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor

Date: 27-31 July 2009

Venue: Hobart, Tasmania

"Thank you. I have been to lots of courses; this have been one of the very best. Wish you both well."


Making Recovery Happen: Train the Trainers'

Trainers: Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor

Date: July, 2007

Venue: AMHS (Action for Mental Health Services), Auckland, New Zealand

"Both Karen & Ron are second to none. Very relaxed, allowed time for the process, created a very safe environment. Ron & Karen - you have been an inspiration, the workshop has given me to much."

(Participant, Auckland Evaluation)

Making Recovery Happen: Train the Trainers'

Trainers: Ron Coleman & Karen Taylor

Date: 2007

Venue: Wellington, New Zealand

"The overall conclusion, resulting from the evaluation of the data provided to us is that the workshop was a total success."

Making Recovery Happen: Train the Trainers' Conference

Trainers: Working to Recovery

Date: 16 April 2007

Venue: Adelphi Centre, Glasgow, UK

"In short: 'Making Recovery Happen' helped to create recovery champions who returned to their local areas ready to buckle down and strive to make recovery a reality."

(Conference Report)

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