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    PRE-ORDER – £4.50
    (Post Publishing £6.00)

    DSM ZERO is a vision and dream for 2025 – it is merely a notebook.  A bit of serious fun, it is also, we hope, a message for the future when instead of trying to diagnose mental illness we allow people to record their stories so that their distress may be understood.

    Some people may think we are being irrelevant and they would be right we are.  DSM stands for Daft, Stupid or Mad and is purely coincidental that it is the same three letters in Diagnostical Statistical Manual, so all your readers of DSM 5 please do not get confused.

    DSM ZERO is the ideal gift, stocking filler or one of those things you could just buy for yourself.  We hope you enjoy using the notebook and once it is full, well you could buy another.