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  • 1-day (stand-alone) Introduction Workshop, followed by a 2-day Practice Workshop
    23, 24-25 February 2015
    29, 30-1 April/May 2015
    4, 5-6 May 2015
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    This innovative one/three day course looks both at theory and practice of exploring, working with and talking to voices, using the techniques developed by Professor Marius Romme, Dr Sandra Escher, Dr Michael White and further developed by Ron Coleman, Dr Rufus May, Dr Eleanor Longden and Dr Dirk Corstens.  Much of the learning on day two and three of the course has come from the practice developed by Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor in the Recovery House Scotland and Recovery House Italy.
    The course will enable practitioners, families and voice-hearers to understand the theory behind the techniques and the ability and confidence to use these new ways of working with voice hearers in their own practice.
    To book CLICK HERE or – contact karen@workingtorecovery.co.uk