Making Recovery Happen

Making recovery real for people

We offer a range of training in relation to understanding the hearing voices' experience and working with people who hear voices, including in-house training.  Our courses are facilitated by Ron Coleman, Karen Taylor and associates.

The team at 'Working to Recovery Ltd' are committed to delivering quality training. For more information see below and download our training programmes.

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Understanding Recovery (1 Day)
A one day course to introduce participants to recovery.  Participants will develop an understanding of recovery from a personal perspective, a practical basis and a sense of the system.  Throughout the day we will explore creative ways of helping people to move on.

Preparing for Recovery: "Negotiating the Illness Trap" (3 Days)
Lack of preparation that exists within organisations, families and service users/consumers in terms of readiness to deliver, accept or practice recovery focussed ways of working with those with mental health issues.  This three-day course has been based on the experience of Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor in their work establishing recovery houses both in Scotland and Italy.


Recovery Management: Developing Recovery-Orientated Services (3 Days)
A three day recovery management training course providing all the learning, skills and development needed to take your organisation forward in becoming recovery-orientated.  Be the drivers of delivering recovery based services in your area.

Making Recovery Happen: Creating Recovery Champions (5 Days)
A five day course designed to create recovery champions for your organisation.  People will leave this course fired up with enthusiasm with the knowledge base and confidence to kick start the change process and have fresh ideas on whole life approaches to working with people with mental health issues.

Recovery Champions 2 - Developing Practice: Untangling Psychosis (5 Days)
A five day course that will address in much more depth how to implement a recovery based approach.  Through our learning over the last 16 years, we believe the area that most practitioners find difficult is working with Psychosis and Borderline Personality Disorder.  Therefore this course focuses on these areas exploring how recovery practice can be extended.  But we would re-iterate that practice we explore will be relevant across the spectrum of "disorders".  This week is a blend of experiential learning, group discussions, film, evidence and debate.

Recovery Mentoring and Support Service
This is a new service we have developed which we believe will offer significant additional support in helping to further develop recovery practice within and across mental health services.

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