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Hearing Voices and Other Unusual Experiences


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Key Worker and Voice Hearers: Working With Voices (2 Days)

A two-day course for key workers and voice hearers to learn and work together. This course provides not just in-depth teaching for understanding hearing voices and coping strategies, but also develop confidence, relationships and skills to work together in voice profiling, using the voices workbook as the guide for our approach. The course will entail a hearing voices group and a key worker mentor group. Each group will be able to develop at their own pace as they work to gain a better understanding of recovery from psychosis.

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Working With Voices (1 Day)

A one-day course for mental health professionals and voice hearers. This innovative course looks at both the theory and practice of working and talking to voices. It is based on techniques developed by pioneers Ron Coleman and Professor Marius Romme. Dynamic, practical and interactive, this course enables practitioners and voice hearers to understand the theory behind working with and talking to voices, along with the ability and confidence to use new ways of working in their own practice through recognising the link between trauma and psychosis.

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Living With Voice Hearers (1 Day)

How family members can assist people who hear voices to cope better with their experiences on their journey to recovery from psychosis. This is a one-day workshop for family members during which we will introduce the hearing voices approach, empowering people to help those who hear voices live successfully with the experience. The workshop offers a new perspective on what voices may represent and how you can help your friend/relative cope with these voices.

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Making Recovery Happen


Recovery from psychosis Courses and workshops


Making Recovery Happen: Creating Recovery Champions (5 Days)

A five-day course designed to create recovery champions for your organisation. People should leave this course fired up with enthusiasm and the knowledge to kickstart the change process. The course will invoke fresh ideas on whole life approaches to working with people who are recovering from psychosis.

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Recovery Champions 2 – Developing Practice: Untangling Psychosis (5 Days)

A five-day course that addresses in greater depth how to implement a recovery-based approach. Through our learning over the past 16 years, we believe that the area found most difficult by practitioners is working with psychosis and borderline personality disorder. This course therefore focuses on these areas, exploring how recovery practice can be extended. However, it is worth stressing that the practice we explore will be relevant across the entire spectrum of “disorders”. This week is a blend of experiential training, group discussions, film, evidence and debate.

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Recovery from psychosis. Recovery champions course



Preparing for Recovery: “Negotiating the Illness Trap” (3 Days)

Tackling the lack of preparation that exists within organisations, families and service users/consumers in terms of readiness to deliver, accept or practice recovery-focused ways of working those with mental health issues. This three-day course is based on the experience of Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor in the work establishing houses for recovery from psychosis in both Scotland and Italy.

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Recovery and Person-Centred Planning (3 Days)

This three-day course explores the recovery philosophy and the underlying principles on which it rests as a process, while also introducing creating ways of helping people who are undergoing recovery from psychosis to dream, plan and move on to a life of greater emotional wellbeing.

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Creating Safe Places for Recovery (1 Day)

In this one-day seminar, Karen and Alison will explore their experiences of running crisis and recovery houses. There is much interest in how we can create alternatives to hospital admission and treatment with regard to recovery from psychosis. During the morning, they will share their experiences – namely, what worked and what didn't. And in the afternoon, we will explore in groups what they would envisage as the perfect safe space for recovery where we can also explore emotional wellbeing and spirituality and psychosis.

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