Mentor selling Recovery from psychosis and Spiritual and Emotional wellbeing


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Having worked in mental health for over 36 years, Karen has been on a long journey of learning, culminating in the creation of the Midwife of the Soul. She has embraced the hearing voices approaches that her husband, Ron Coleman, helped to establish, and has been on a spiritual journey of her own. This has led to the core belief that there is no neat dividing line between spirituality and psychosis. Many people labelled as “psychotic” are in fact survivors of trauma, and that the voices and visions experienced are derived from the trauma that they lived through and spiritual emergence. She is a trained spiritual companion and has developed a practice based on a Celtic belief system that all life is connected, in exploring our own connections to land and “belonging” emotional healing can take place. She offers a number of residential courses, including Return to innocence and Wisdom of the Crone based on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides where she lives.





Healing Vs. Curing

In the event of trauma, people tune out from their bodies in order to cope with the physical and mental distress, meaning that this initial trauma becomes buried. The body holds memories, and these memories often manifest themselves in psychosis. By forming a compassionate relationship with these memories, learning about the link between spirituality and trauma and emotional wellbeing we return to the authentic self that was previously lost in the event of trauma. This is why we talk about ‘recovering’ from psychosis – you are merely recovering the authentic self that was never lost but clouded by the dissociation, confusion, anger, grief, voices and different beliefs that followed the traumatic events.





 Our Objectives

  • To leave women with a stronger understanding of how trauma can manifest itself within themselves, including “split off selves”
  • To understand the relationship we have to the land and how this can enhance healing and emotional wellbeing
  • Understanding the protective factors of flight, fight, freeze and faun at the time of trauma and how, over time, the fear response can exert a negative impact on a person and their lifestyle
  • Developing a spiritual practice that will enhance your emotional wellbeing
  • To learn about what is happening within the body and how the body can heal, understanding the connection between healing, spirituality and trauma.




Mentor selling Recovery from psychosis and Spiritual and Emotional wellbeing


Health Tourism

As part of Midwife of the Soul, Karen also offers “health tourism”, exploring the land of the Outer Hebrides. I can organise walks and trips for people to see the ancient sites and scenery of this island and introduce people to the concepts of Celtic spirituality and to the many Celtic stories that still survive. I can also help arrange accommodation and provide mentoring and holistic health sessions with a number of practitioners during your stay.
To arrange a health tourism visit to the Outer Hebrides, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Spiritual Companionship with Midwife of the Soul one hour mentoring

Karen has many years of experience in providing a mentoring service to both professionals looking to develop their practice and people with lived experience who are working towards recovery from psychosis. As a trained Spiritual companion, as Midwife of the Soul she also offers spiritual mentorship, she is experienced at working with people who believe they are going through the process of spiritual emergence

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A Midwife of the Soul Retreat exploring the return of spring and using the land for healing -and deepening spirituality in a Celtic tradition
Come to the beautiful Isle of Lewis and spend time with karen, learning about this isle and visiting ancient sites, explore Celtic spirituality, walk ...
A Midwife of the Soul Residential course exploring the land of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and using the land for healing & Spiritual sust ...
A Midwife of the Soul Residential Course exploring the land of the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides, for healing & spirit for women pre, ...

As part of her work to assist with recovery from psychosis, trauma & spiritual emergence, Midwife of the soul helps women explore the link between spirituality and psychosis and how to heal from emotional and traumatic events by using the land and spirituality as an educational framework. Having a spiritual practice that is grounding can serve as the bedrock for exploring the difficult areas of your past. Healing can be significantly enhanced as you open your eyes to nature, beauty, and the wisdom that it offers you. Through using Celtic culture, Shamanism, Ceremony and Energy Healing to aid us on this journey, using the wisdom of the Celts as imparted through traditional stories, we can help women build their own narratives of hope, recovery and healing.
These courses are open to all women who wish to explore deeper who they are and who they want to become you do not have to identify as having had a mental health problem, maybe you just have a feeling of restlessness and not “belonging” and long for emotional wellbeing and relief from stress. I hope to work with a male facilitator to also offer non gender specific courses and courses for men in the future.

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