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Working to Recovery provides cutting-edge mental health provision for people across the world who are looking for a different way to approach recovery from psychosis. With Ron recently retiring to focus on his health and living well with dementia, Karen is taking her knowledge gained over the years to provide individuals their families and professionals with a compassionate, person-centred series of courses and workshops that facilitate greater emotional wellbeing. By helping people identify the links between their current condition and traumatic events of the past, Karen’s approach during online teaching and mentoring sessions facilitates a deeper understanding of one’s condition and provides a valuable alternative route to recovery from "psychosis."






If you are looking for education when it comes to recovery from "psychosis", don’t hesitate to contact Karen for bespoke workshops which can be run “in-house” for organisations and on line courses supplied by Working to Recovery in the living well online college.

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One hour with Karen Taylor on Recovery, Trauma and Psychosis for a Team, or Staff Group
One hour with Karen Taylor, Recovery, Trauma and Psychosis supervision for individual practitioner or Manager
One hour mentoring with family member with Karen, exposing what recovery might mean for you .
One Hour Mentoring and exploration with person with lived experience
One hour mentoring with individual with lived experience and. family member with Karen, exporing what recovery might mean for you .

Over the years, Karen has provided Mentoring for professionals who want to understand the recovery from "psychosis" process more deeply or are change managing services to be more trauma informed and focussed on recovery and wellness.
Moreover, Working to Recovery works with families and people with lived experience to supply a personalised form of mentoring. Communicating closely with the whole family and compassionately engaging with the nature and causes of one’s "psychosis", namely the links between trauma, spirituality and "psychosis," is a vital part of what karen does.
Over the past few years, it has become clear that many people diagnosed with “psychosis” are essentially tackling dissociation and the selves they become, which is where the real work of healing begins. Understanding this notion ahead of working on a journey to recovery enables the person to map out their “selves”, form relationships with them, and learn what is needed to experience true recovery from "psychosis" and emotional wellbeing.

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In House Courses

We supply a wide range of in-house courses that are designed for all participants, whether they are qualified staff, support and peer staff, family members and people with lived experience. The courses always work best when members from each community are in attendance, meaning that real dialogue and lived experience can be seen as having its own expertise and place in a classroom. To view the courses available, see below.

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Working to Recovery and Midwife of the soul presents a series of 2 day workshops exploring the interaction between trauma, body , mind & spirit , This ...
This is a 5 day residential on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides for people with lived experience, family members and professionals involved in ...

Over the years, we have hosted a number of residential experiential workshops that extend over several days, with Karen offering deep exploration on recovery from "psychosis" for families and allies based on trauma informed practice, dialoguing, working with “psychosis” and complex trauma. These residentials are also very useful for professionals seeking a different approach to working with their clients.

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Working To Recovery : Living Well College

The living well college, will have a growing number of courses that will explore different aspects of recovery from "psychosis", including understanding voices and recovery, Karen is committed to designing more courses that look at spirituality and "psychosis" and emotional wellbeing, please note the college course are now going up and the college now has its own page, look at the above tabs.





Karen and Ron have published workbooks on Working With Voices, Working to Recovery, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and Ron’s bestselling book, Recovery: An Alien Concept. These books, alongside several DVDs, are available for purchase below.



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A Working to Recovery training manual.
A Working to Recovery Training Manual
A response to DSM V
Rons first year of living with cognitive memory impairment
A no nonsense radical exploration of Sharon's Journey with Self Harm.
A Working to Recovery Training Manual
The italian version of voice inside
A workbook for men who have experienced sexual abuse and those that work with them
Beautifully written book of Ron's Journey in and out of psychiatry and a critique on how services should deliver recovery.
a short booklet on personal recovery based on the authors own experiences.
7 practical steps to mental Health by a young person who recovered his own life.
A comprehensive handbook on voice hearing and the hearing voices approach.
The french version of the working with voices
Coping with Auditory Hallucinations and confusing realities
An irreverant book of stories of life in the mental health system written by a survivor of that system
A workbook for people who want to recovery from emotional and mental distress and for those who work with them
A workbook for people who self Injure and those that work with them
A ground breaking workbook for people who hear voices , that has been used by voice hearers around the world
The italian version of Working to recovery

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The late Dorothy Rowe discuses Depression as non expressed anger & Ron Coleman discusses Shame and its role in survivor guilt
From Psychiatry to Society, the inspiring story of the development of the hearing voices approach and network.
An interview with Marius Romme & Sandra Esher about the history of the hearing voices network.
A wonderful hour of Ron Coleman at his best exploring the concept of Recovery very at a major mental health conference in Australia.
An explanation of one theory of voice dialoguing -or talking with voices with Psychiatrist Dirk Corstens

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Looking for a path to recovery from "psychosis"? If so, get in touch with Working to Recovery for a compassionate and holistic alternative to current treatments.

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